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Jayadi Enterprise

 Jayadi Enterprise was incorporated on 2012 and is actively managed by Teams.  We has more than 15 years of experience in the field of ICT website design and PC maintenance and has since gained a vast knowledge as well as understanding in dealing with a multi-cultured client. Providing prompt and customized solutions to clients’ needs and requests are our top most priority.

Our Services: Website Design & Maintenance, Google SEO & Social Admin Marketer, Domain Name, Email & Web Hosting, Logo & Graphic Design, Small Software / Application Developer.


About Us


  • Name: Fauzy NM
  • Background: Master in Information Technology (IT)
  • Experience: Fauzy have more than 15 years of experience in develop website. His professional experience includes designing and implementing web pages, user interfaces, troubleshoot, and plugins for WordPress products.
Here are some highlights of Fauzy’s career so far:
  1.  Worked as a Research & Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP); development WordPress Developer.
  2. Participated in both back-end and front-end development
  3. Designed attractive user interface (UI)
About Us


  • Name: Zarif Amir
  • Background: Master of Science in Information Technology (IT)
  • Experience: Zarif have more than 3 years of experience in product owner development and 5 years on the web design. His successfully delivered mobile and online projects as well as organized events to increase brand awareness and create a stronger relationship with customers. Have been working across the technical and creative team, delivering projects with speed to market.
Here are some highlights of Zarif’s career so far:
  1. Multi-talented consistently rewarded for success in planning and operational improvements.
  2. Experience in working with cross-functional in corporate, consulting, startup environment.


"I am alway impressed with the service, I have asked him redesign all my 5 websites since 2008"
Tn Hj Mohamad
AQ Capital
"I have very much enjoyed the service provide by jayadi. I have enggaged with him since 2010"
Mr Chang
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