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Website Design Tips

Website Design Tips

Web Design Tips

If you are getting constant traffic on your website but failing to turn those visitors into customers, then the bounce rate can be the reason behind this problem. Bounce rate refers to a measure of the users that land on a page of your website but bounces off before converting. Bounce rate of a website can be tracked by using services like Google Analytics.

You don’t step out of your house without a definite plan. Similarly, if you want a website, you got to have a precise idea of how to structure it, what purpose it should serve users so on and so forth. You need to have website design plan.

Colour: Keep it simple and consistent throughout the site

It is also an effective way to reduce bounce rates. If all the contents of your websites can be accompanied by an interesting video or image, then it can create curiosity and interest among the visitors.

Every site visitor should understand your webpages and be able to conclude in a few seconds. Having too much clutter will only confuse them & propels them to hit the back button.

As Leonardo da Vinci puts it, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” also applies 100 percent to web design. What does this mean in this context? Creating a website with a simple interface & minimal color combination.

  • Two to Three complimentary colors
  • Colors show differently on other computers
  • Backgrounds can interfere with readability

Focus: Content makes be valuable

  • Stick to topic on each page
  • What is your point?
  • People scan online

Navigation: Different ways to get to content

You can add internal text links between the articles as it makes the content more informative. You can also include hyperlinks so that the visitors can spend more time on your website.

  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use Menu
  • Site Map
  • Latest post list
  • Archive List

Typography: Allow Font size to be adjusted

The difference in a font/text size across pages shows unprofessionalism. Instead, have pages with uniform text sizes neither too small or too big, let users read the texts with ease.

  • Readability is important
  • Vision problems make people leave
  • Don’t cram so much on one page
  • Bold key topics for scanability

Fast Loading: Optimize images

If a website takes more time to load then it can be pretty frustrating for the visitors. A faster loading website will have more traffic and customers. The easiest way to do that is to optimize the big size images as they take up a lot of bandwidth. You can also eradicate all the plugins that are not extremely necessary for the site.

No matter how great your website is, people aren’t gone get into your site if it fails to load in under 3 secs. Why take a chance & give your users a choice to move to your competitor. Instead, use online tools like gtmetrix to identify & rectify the causes to improve the page load time.

  • Put at least one image on every page
  • People will not read endless text on a computer screen
  • Ads can slow the page load – don’t flash ads
  • Use Alternative tags with images for Screen Readers
  • Alternative tags show a title tip when hover
  • Size for Webp image is smaller that jpg and png

Spelling and Grammar: Reread and find your typos

  • A proofreader is great if you can afford it
  • Read the next day and correct any mistakes
  • Links: Annotate where they will take the web user
  • Check for broken links
  • Change Link colors

Contact Form: Use Captchas or some form of Spam blocker

It is always expected that a webpage has a separate page for vital information such as phone numbers, address, Email-IDs, etc. It makes the webpage authentic to the visitors.

Apart from the “Contact Us” page, it is a must to have your contact details in the header & footer of a website. If you haven’t, change it now. By doing so, you’re minimizing the search your users have to carry out for the information.

  • Know you will still get useless request
  • There may be Gold in one of the messages

Title: Descriptive can be catchy

  • Titles draw people to your article
  • Titles are used by machines for Search Engine Optimization

Style Sheets: Consistent layout for entire site

Don’t make your website dull and monotonous. You can make it more engaging by adding colourful images and prominent headings. You can also take the help of the reputed web design firms Sacramento.

  • Great for positioning with some work
  • Consistent font size
  • Consistent colors


A website should always have a FAQ section. It helps to clear the doubts of the visitors and that is why it must be general website-oriented questions. In this way, you will be able to communicate with your customers properly. You should also update the FAQs regularly to address more queries of the latest visitors.

Social Media

Social media also play an important role to gain more organic traffic on your website. A social share option must be included on every blog of the website. With this option, the visitors will be able to share the content on their social media without leaving the web page. That means more exposure and increased brand awareness for the business.

Inclusion of reviews:

New-age customers always look for reviews before purchasing a particular product. So, if you can add a review section on your website then you will be able to gain people’s trust.

Mobile-friendly websites:

If you do not have a mobile-friendly website then it can affect your business badly. As we all know that now everyone has a smartphone. So, your website must be responsive and easily accessed with a smartphone to improve your bounce rate.

Fill the blank space:

Filling the blank spaces of a webpage is also necessary along with decluttering. If your web page has white blank spaces then the visitors may have a feeling that the site is not done loading or maybe has some technical glitches. You can easily utilize the blank spaces by putting catchy images or taglines related to the business.

Have “About Us” page

Never avoid revealing your identity. People just like doing business after they know someone, so if you’re up for it, tell your users about yourself. That’s another way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Add the CTA button

More than 70 percent of sites don’t bother having a clear CTA button and you’re not meant to be one of them. For each page, have a clear CTA button. Experiment with another in case one doesn’t fit.


One size doesn’t fit all, so keeping the website accessible across multiple devices is a genuine necessity. More so, is to have a mobile-optimized sites as a large number of users use mobile devices for viewing.


As we all know that digital marketing strategies are very important for running a successful business. A website plays an important role in implementing a proper digital marketing strategy. You can also avail services from reputed website design Sacramento to optimize your website and improve the bounce rate.